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Nokia N8 Review – Price in India & Indonesia

In October, Nokia released new phone type. Nokia N8 issued as smartphone rival for BlackBerry and iPhone. Nokia N8 already equipped with 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and 3.5-inch screen. This latest Nokia smartphone using the Symbian system with direct connections to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia N8

Key Features/Specification Nokia N8

* Runs on Symbian ^3 Platform.
* Finger touch support for text input and UI control
* On-screen alphanumeric keypad and full keyboard
* Handwriting recognition for Chinese
* Possibility to use capacitive stylus
* Weight: 135gm, Size: 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm
* Screen size: 3.5″, Orientation sensor (Accelerometer), Proximity sensor
* GPRS/EDGE class B, multislot class 33
* Internal memory: 16 GB
* MicroSD memory card slot, hot swappable, up to 32 GB
* Conversational view for SMS
* Fifty hours of music playback

As of October 5th, Nokia N8 cost Rs. 26,259/ (MRP, hence expect lesser price in the retail stores) in India and is available for prebooking.

In Indonesia, So if you want to hold the Nokia N8 desperate sold USD 4.95 million as quickly as possible, swing your steps to the nearest Nokia authorized outlets. You can choose the color orange or green. Also you will get a bonus in the form of Puma backpack, and HDMI Cable complete with adapters.


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